Friday, March 17, 2017

Victorian Women Journal

Hello there,

I have another journal to share with you but I'm going to have to share it with you in the form of a video instead of photos, as I usually do.  I forgot to take photos before I mailed it off but managed to grab a screen shot from the video, so will share that here:

I hope you will take the time to watch the video~
Since I'm so new at making vids, I hope you will be patient with me while I learn!  lol
Most everything is explained in the video, so let's roll it...

I'm really enjoying making journals and hope that I inspire others to make them as well.  :)

Thank you for stopping by!

⊰⊹✿ Marilou ✿⊹⊱


  1. Your journal is so beautiful, Marilou! You have crafted a piece of art and all the pockets, envelopes and tuck spots add so much detail and interest. This is a lovely gift that anyone would appreciate. The love you put into this journal really shows!

  2. Lovely, creative, personalized, clever, artistic, recycled, all those good things and more. More importantly it is a gift from your heart. Makes me want to collect old books and documents and photos and send you a box full. XO to my creative and loving cousin...


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