Sunday, July 5, 2015


Time flies when you're having fun,
or something like that.

I'm sorry, blog followers, that I have
not been posting for so long a time, but
I have very good reasons for that.
Shortly after my last post,
I got married and went on a honeymoon,
and then, a few months later,
my youngest son and my DIL
purchased a home and asked that we
move in with them.

Hubs and I lived in our motorhome
for several months, waiting completion
of the remodel we had done on our part
of the home.  It took months longer
than we were told and cost
far more than the price we
were quoted.

Our home is still not completed, but
we are now occupying the space and
waiting for part of the home to be re-done
and other parts to be finally finished.
It's been a nightmare, to say the least!

Our family grew, while we were
living in the motorhome, so
I thought I would introduce our
little boy to you.  ;)


He joined our family in February.
He's a midnight black toy poodle and is
now 8 months old.  The photo (above) is of him
when he was just a little guy and still in his
breeder's care.

Well, I know that's not what you come to my
blog to see, but that's all I have to share
right now.  I've been doing lots of gardening
and trying to get it all in shape and planted,
while I wait on the house.

I still don't have my crafting supplies put in place,
but hope to very soon!  I'm going
through withdrawals!!


I hope you had a blessed and safe
Independence Day celebration.

⊰⊹✿ Marilou ✿⊹⊱

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