Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Love" photo album

I just returned from my travels and delivered another gift,
this time to my Niece Carly and her new hubby, J.P.

Here's a photo of the Bride and Groom,
Mother and brother of the Bride,
Parents of the Groom, and the entire wedding party.

Here's the photo album and card I made for their gift.

This "LOVE" shaped album was made using chipboard
which I covered with patterned papers chosen to
coordinate with their wedding colors
which were white, silver and black.

This is the front of the album.

With the letter "L" turned, you see
a journaling tag and some bling.

As you can see, the tabs at the top
slide out from behind the journaling tag
to reveal photo tags.

On the back side the letter "O"
is a pocket with a double-sided tag which pulls out
for use as a journaling spot and/or photo tag.

Between the letters "O" and "V,"
is another tag pocket.  A double-sided tag pulls out from the front.

On the backside of the tag pocket is a velcro'd card...

...and when opened, it reveals areas that can be used
for either photo mounts or journaling.

This is the front of the letter "V."
You can see the pocket and it's double-sided pull out tag.
The tag may be used for journaling or a photo.

On the backside of the letter "L,"
is an acrylic pocket with a ribbon tie.  It holds... 

...a mini album.

Inside the mini album, are small pockets filled with tags.
The face of the pockets have room for photos, mementos
or journaling.  The tags can be used the same way.

More mini album pages.

Additional example mini album pages.

On the face of the letter "E,"
is a flip pocket which holds a double-sided tags.

On the back side of the flip pocket
is another pocket with a tag.

Affixed to the face of letter "E" is
also another pocket with a double-sided pull out tag.

Same as above, but I've pulled out
the double-sided tag.

This is the back of the albums.

Finally, this is the face of the card I made
for the new Mr. & Mrs.

...and this is the inside.  I cut it out entirely
on my Cameo.  That was great!!

Thanks for stopping by to take a peak at my album and card!

Have a great day!

╰⊰⊹✿ Marilou ✿⊹⊱

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  1. Hi Marilou,

    Wow, the happy couple will surely treasure your beautiful creation. You obviously put a ton of work into it.



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