Friday, January 27, 2012

Standing UP for Artist's rights!!

Do you love Saturated Canary images?

Then make sure you buy the real deal!!

Someone loves Krista Smith's images so much
that she has been attempting to COPY  
...and sell them!!

The purpose of my post tonight,
is to educate you so you'll know better.

Buying the real deal supports the artist.

Buying copies only supports a thief and further copyright theft.


There is a so called "artist" who has been flat out, no shame, copying and selling images so similar to Krista's (even using the same names) that it's very apparent that they are a copy!
(and not always a good copy)

It would be so sad to see Krista shying away from this
because of just one person's lack of shame!

Please make sure, when you buy, that you always buy from Krista!


It's time for those who disrespect copyright laws
to receive ZERO TOLERANCE!!

Thank you!

╰⊰⊹✿ Marilou ✿⊹⊱


  1. I have joined you! I don't see why they should get away with this.

  2. I believe in stamp out art theives.... however how do you know this said artist is copying. I know who you are referring too. These ragamuffins that she supposedly copied have been around for over 20 years and this supposed copying artist has had a book with them published like 18 years ago. So I dont know if she is copying. If you know what I mean. This supposed copy artist opened up an etsy store at that recently is that what is making her a copist??? Just becasuse she decided to now sell her digis? Has anyone personally contacted this copying arist???

  3. I think that it's sad that you have to hide behind an anonymous name to post on my blog. I've seen the artwork of the gal in question, and it is NOT the same style or quality of Krista's images. I think it's just plain fishy!

    She says she has a book published "like 18 years ago" but who has seen it?

    That woman is attempting to copy both the style and the names of Krista's images within days of Krista displaying them, not before!!

    I was told that Krista did contact the gal's etsy store. I hope Krista takes it further. This is wrong!!

    1. Also, another very well known artist has been pirated by that same gal!! She needs to stop!!!


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